FREE NITROX during 2017 to all Bezz Divers!!!


Year after year, at Bezz Diving we aim to keep on giving the best service possible to our clients diving in Malta with us. This year is not different and we came up with a nice present for our divers. For the 2017 season, we will be giving FREE NITROX to all Nitrox certified divers.


If you are not Nitrox certified, you don’t have to worry because we can give you online access to the theoretical part of the course and complete the studying at home so when you get to Malta, you don’t spend any of your holiday time studying.

PADI and SSI Malta

Please click here if you want to get SSI Nitrox certified or else click here if you want to get PADI Nitrox certified.


The benefits of diving on Enriched Air (Nitrox) are many but the most important ones are that you can enjoy longer bottom times on your dives, you will feel less exhausted after the dives and we can do longer repetitive dives in Malta and Gozo. If you want to read more about Nitrox, feel free to read this article on our website where it is explained more in detail: All about Nitrox.


We are looking forward to share another great season of diving in Malta and Gozo with all of you at Bezz Diving. We had a great rest over winter and we are now all full of energy once again. The dive centre has also had some improvements and now you will find a nice and comfortable wet area where you can rinse and store your equipment after the dives.

And now it’s your turn to book your holidays to Malta, come and enjoy some great dives in Malta and Gozo with us at Bezz Diving and leave with some great memories and friends…

See  you soon!!