Not just diving with Bezz Diving, now also offering you Yoga in Malta!


For the 2015 season, at Bezz Diving we have decided to take a healthier approach to scuba diving, what we eat and how we live. We would also like to share the same approach with our clients and as from June we are offering you daily Yoga classes by Cristina. Cristina has studied and practised yoga in India for the last couple of years and this year, together with her husband Cristian, will be back in Malta. You will have a choice of either starting your day with a healthy approach to life and then join us for a couple of dives or else you can finish off your day, at sunset with a yoga class.

crsitina yoga

Yoga is an ancient practice born in India more than 5000 years ago. It’s a technique to help you improve your mind, body and soul balance. We as a dive professionals want to keep ourselves healthy and balanced, thus yoga and food are essential for us. And we want to share it with you. We want to know where our food is coming from and we are trying to eat only organic vegetables. We are blessed to have 2 great friends that are creating an awareness about organic food and they can provide us with fresh organic veg in Malta. Manuela and Louis will be very happy to meet and your body will be happy with you

organic veg

The only way forward is to be alternative! Today we can be part of a better change to this world!