ADVANCED Course + NITROX Speciality PADI



Take advantage of this special bundle and get your Advanced Open Water course together with Nitrox Specialty. After 5 dives you will gain experience on navigation and deep dive (max 30m) and we will take you to see some of Malta’s most popular wrecks. Advanced course can be described as a FUN course that certifies you to dive deeper within decompression limits. Nitrox is a dry course to learn about the benefits of using Enriched Air up to 40%. You can take advantage of longer bottom times without decompression.


-Duration of the bundle : 2-3 days
-Requirements: Open Water certification or above.
-Minimum age: 12 years. (10 years Junior adventurer)



  • 5 dives, the 2 compulsary dives are navigation and deep dive (max 30m).
  • Full diving equipment required and land transport to dive sites in Malta and qualified instructor as your guide.
  • Both PADI Nitrox and Advanced Course eManuals as learning materials.
  • Both Nitrox and Advanced Open Water course certifications.

Please don’t hesitate to ask if you have further questions: